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Back in Winterton 17th March 2012 - first time in 88 years!

First look inside the hull - 17.3.12

Tonnes of rubbish to clear out - literally! 20.3.12

Many hours of clearance later! 24.3.12

Safely tucked away in her new "workshop" - April 2012

Teak cabin is not original and needs to be removed - May 2012

Cabin structure carefully removed, revealing more detail of the deck - May 2012

Paint needs to be scraped and sanded back to the bare wood - May 2012

Hull now painted with primer to protect the old wooden planking - June 2012

Discovery of the clack valve openings in the hull. Under the deck, watertight compartments were fitted with valves to use sea water as ballast - Sept 2012

This hole in the hull might need a fair bit of filler! Oct 2012

Woolwich by Volunteer Margaret Stewart and Museum staff. Full Plans could not be located. 10 Nov 2012

Work starts to very gradually drop the heavy metal keel - not original! - Jan 2013

More wedges are inserted to loosen the keel - must be done gradually and carefully - Jan 2013

Cutting the final bolts holding the metal keel - added around 80 years ago - March 2013

23 March 2013 - a historic day as the the Edward Birkbeck is finally lifted from the metal keel -thanks once again to Bam Nuttall.

How lovely to receive a visit from Martin and Wendy who used to own and sail the Edward Birkbeck - March 2013

Keelson also now freed. We'll have to create new keel and keelson in the future - 27 April 2013

A team of Princes Trust volunteers from City College Norwich came to help - filmed by Kate Prout for Anglia TV - June 2013

Sept 2013 - preparations underway as we have to move out of what was our home for 18 months

29 Sept 2018 - on the road. Unable to find another home the Edward Birkbeck was put into storage in a local garden!

Starting to sheet and secure her against the weather while we search for a new home!

The Edward Birkbeck is added to the National Register of Historic Vessels, reflecting her heritage and importance - Nov 2013

Invited to take part in the Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival Sept 2014

Sept 2015 - The wonderful Winterton Quilters donated this Storm at Sea Quilt made by Julie Paveley, raising over £1100